FuXk V-log: Inside the Design Studio v2.0

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FuXk V-log: Inside the Design Studio v1.0

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Psycho FuXk! Great Googly Moogly! - 7-26-16

Psycho FuXk! Great Googly Moogly! - 7-26-16

Rewind 24 hours….

This, my friends, is a true story. Met a buddy for a few brews at T Bonz. Lovely time overall.

Parked the FuXk Mobile up top to get some exposure at a busy intersection.

(Yes I know...I am a marketing whore.  I can’t help it!  I look for every chance to gain impressions whether that’s driving the FuXk Mobile, parking location, wearing a FuXk shirt on a daily basis, and giving out the popular FuXk koozie at bars).  

It worked! Who walks in? Staci and Randy from Foreplay! They were there for other business but said they saw the FuXk Mobile! Cool!

Ran into my long, lost buddy Boo as well!  Recounted some old times.  Still vindictive though from when I left him a nasty voice mail 20 years ago about the Detroit Lions sucking! LOL!  But back to the story.

So I got the tab and rolled out.

Walked the steps up towards car...and then…

“Hey Mister...I need to talk to you.”


Young man escorted by an older female.

Dude says “can you give me a ride down the road? My mom’s having chest pains and I need to get home.”

Lady: “I'm not comfortable driving him solo.”

Me: “In this day and age I don't put people in my car I don't know...but I'll be happy to call and pay for an Uber.”

Lady: “God bless you” or something like that.

Dude: “Cool”

A few minutes later with Uber en route. I see the lady pull back up in her car. “I need to talk to not you (dude)...him (me!)”

Lady: “Had to come back and tell you...I'm not sure you should do this...he’s not right...see that ambulance over there...well they called the cops to come get this guy.”

Me: “Say what!”

Dude: “Please Mr. just get me out of here...they’re going to lock me back up!”

Me: (inside voice “What da FuXk!”) - “I can't do that.”

Cancel Uber. Dude walks away. Cop car rolls up.

Ambulance dudes get out and talk to cop.

I walk towards them and tell them what happened, what he said and that he went into the 7-11.

Ambulance dude: “Man he’s crazy...the dude jumped out of back of ambulance at the light.”

Me: “Holy sheep shit! Guess I can check this off my bucket list!”

Ambulance dude: “Me too!”

Got in my car. Watched the cops escort him across the parking lot back to the ambulance.

Dude starts ripping his t-shirt to shreds (fortunately it wasn't a FuXk shirt but maybe it should have been!  Could have been great exposure!).

Cops were cool. No physical issues. Handled it well. I drove off.

Assume the psycho was reinserted back into the ambulance.

Great “Googly Moogly!”

And that's the truth.

Ding man just arrived...gotta go!

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The Launch of FuXk - 7/21/16

The Launch of FuXk - 7/21/16

It’s hard to believe that in just less than two months we’ve gone from the creation of the FuXk concept to launching with our initial apparel line at

We get many questions about how this came about.  On May 25th, 2016, while driving to a mid-week afternoon Nationals game, the word fuxxxxxxx was voiced by Phil from Philly in reaction to something. There was a lot going on at the time so it’s tough to attribute what the reaction was and frankly there were a lot of those flying around those days.

My reaction - fuxxxx….how do you spell that...does it have an X?  After a few minutes of thought, it occurred to me that a change in spelling could be interesting with a capital “F” and a capital “X.”

The FuXk convention was born!

However, that wasn’t enough.  While we viewed the convention to be interesting, we felt it had to mean something.

My mind started working and within and within seconds I came up with “Fun under Xtreme konditions.”

Of course it didn’t come out that clean.  It was more like “ under....Extreme with an X works that’s been done before....what can be extreme….conditions...we can work that in with a k...why not!”

As I now reflect on it - this meaning came about for a reason.  People tend to associate with other people that have common interests.  As my wife, Michele would tell you I’m all about having fun.  Work hard but play hard.  So is she though a little less Xtreme than myself.  And Phil from Philly is the same way.

A few hours later after several cocktails I decided to file a trademark application. Michele, the creative one, came up with our initial design, which is the FuXk logo you see today.

We all thought it was cool.  The first shirt was actually printed in our beach house in Ocean City.  Well printed is a bit overboard.  It was heat pressed with an iron on the bed!

Over the next few months, we solicited feedback, which was overwhelmingly positive. We came up with multiple FuXk designs.  Designed and launched our website. Registered our LLC with the State of Maryland and procured the appropriate licenses. We also conducted a lot of pre marketing giving away koozies and t-shirts in an effort to jump start the FuXk movement.

I’ll close with two items that I’ll follow back up with more detail on.

How do you pronounce FuXk? Exactly as you think you do.  It makes me think of the opening scene from the 2H of Walking Dead Season 6 during the road scene “come on...can we not...ok?” Yes the “K” is silent.

What is FuXk aka “Fun under Xtreme konditions?” At a high level what we are looking to drive is a brand. Think of it as an edgier version of a brand like “Life Is Good.” That said, brands have to mean something. So in the coming weeks we’ll explore the many angles to the meaning of FuXk. We’d also love to solicit the feedback of our supporters and customers to hear how you think about the meaning.

Well there’s a lot more to talk about but have to run as we are minutes away from launch.

Special thanks to the FuXk team for all the hard work.  

Where this goes who knows and frankly I’m not sure we really give a FuXk!

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