Nothing But A Good Time

Tomorrow I’m going to see Bret Michaels at Rams Head On Stage in Annapolis, MD.  I’ve never been to this venue but I hear it’s an intimate setting seating only 500 (and I won’t be sitting!).  It’s going to be awesome to see Bret in this setting.

I’ve wanted to do this blog for a while and this is the perfect catalyst.

My History with Bret Michaels & Poison

I’m a huge fan of Poison and Bret Michaels.  I had their first album – Look What the Cat Dragged In – on a cassette.  I thought it was cool because the cassette was clear. 

I remember looking at the album cover and thinking “these dudes have a lot of makeup on and it’s nothing like what Kiss wears…it’s like chick makeup!”

What I remember most about the record was how good it was.  It rocked! Across the board - great tempo, melody, guitar riffs, drums, and vocals.  It was one of those records that was awesome from start to finish.

I also vividly remember the Open Up and Say….Ahh! album cover controversy.  The major controversy (lol!) was the long tongue.  I didn’t get it at the time and still don’t.  But for some reason this was viewed as offensive.  So offensive that retailers like Wal-Mart refused to carry it and the record company released a censored version of the cover.  Of course, I had the “controversial” version! Shocker!

Sharing PA Roots

I also had an affinity for Bret & Poison because they were from my home state of Pennsylvania.  While I’ve lived in MD for over 30 years now, I was born in Pottsville, PA and lived in there till I was 12. 

(One of my “claims to fame” is I was baptized in a church (St. Patrick’s) that is right next to the Yuengling Brewery.  As the story goes, I was baptized with Yuengling Lager not Holy Water.  Boy that explains a lot!)

I thought it was cool they were from PA!

Also, like me Bret is a huge Steelers fan!  (I spent 20 years on the waiting list and got season tickets three years ago – finally!).

Nothing But A Good Time Seeing Poison Live

I’ve seen Poison live so many times I’ve lost count.  My first show was when they opened up for Ratt in the late ‘80s at the Baltimore Arena.  I think this tour went on for a few years and I saw it again the next year either back at Baltimore Arena or at Merriweather Post. 

It was also cool that ten years later Poison & Ratt reunited for another tour.  Saw that too!

I’ve also seen Poison and/or The Bret Michaels Band at festivals like Rocklahoma and M3 Rockfest.

My most recent experience was seeing Poison with Def Leppard and Tesla last April at Royal Farms Arena aka Baltimore Arena – the same arena I first saw the band!  It was another great show and fun time.  This show was different because I took my wife.  She is not a big hard rock fan but she has always liked Def Leppard.  I told her she was going to love seeing Poison and she did.  I think she walked out of that show liking Poison more than Def Leppard.  Nothing but a good time!

Brett, Poison, & Fun Under Xtreme Konditions (FuXk)

Brett & Poison align well with our core values and mojo at Fun Under Xtreme Konditions.  These are:

  • Having fun – all the time and no matter how Xtreme the konditions we are operating under
  • A work hard, play hard mentality

One of the things I noticed early on about Bret and Poison is that they always brought it.  Every show – they brought it.  No matter what!

Another thing that stood out is that Bret & Poison were always having fun, a good time and I mean always.  Every show I’ve saw they were having fun and you could tell Bret really enjoyed performing. 

Not all musicians are like this.  I’ve seen some shows where you could tell the band didn’t want to be there, looked like they were going through the motions, and weren’t having fun.

Not Poison.  Not Bret.  Every time they bring it and have fun.

Like all of us I must believe there are times when Bret and the band weren’t 100% - maybe they were sick, tired, bored or just having a bad day.  But you would never know that or see that on stage.

And talk about Xtreme Konditions, Bret survived a brain hemorrhage that could have been fatal.  Based on what I’ve seen of Bret, I’m sure he had a great attitude during that difficult time and somehow managed to incorporate an ounce of fun during this ordeal.

Another thing that’s cool about Bret is that not only is he a great vocalist and musician but he is also a phenomenal performer, marketer, and business man.  The Apprentice, Rock of Love, and the list goes on.

That’s All Folks

So I could on and on but I think you get the point.  I’m excited to see Bret Michaels perform tomorrow and I think a lot of what he and Poison are about, aligns well with what we are about at Fun Under Xtreme Konditions.

I’m going to make Bret some shirts and will get them to him at tomorrow’s show somehow– even if I must chuck them on the stage like a Big Ben pass to Antonio Brown!

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